Ways To Wear A Harris Tweed Wired Headband

harris tweed how to wear wired headbands

I've worn wired headbands on and off for years, they go well with the rockabilly, 1950s style that I'm rather fond of, but are so versatile they really can fit any look!

In March/April 2019 I had an idea to make one out of Harris Tweed, so I bought some wire, then a house move and full time work got in the way of doing any product development or testing.

Time trundled on and in a blink it was lockdown 2020! I shut my shop up for the whole of April. This meant I had some time to finally test out my headband idea from the year previous, and after a few attempts and several tweaks, the perfect Harris Tweed wired headband was born.

Teaming the Tweed with a cotton or polycotton meant it wasn't too bulky and a decent strong but bendable wire meant it held it's shape. I launched them in May 2020 and they quickly became my best selling product of that year and are still really popular today.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is "How do you wear them?" so back in May 2020 I recorded a wee video showing different ways you can wear your wired headband and I've decided to pop it up on the blog here.

There really is no right or wrong way though, wear them however you like but remember a headband is for life, not just for lockdown!


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